The Artisanal Sardine

With a selected and limited annual production, each NURI represents a very special and unique masterpiece. The number of steps and dedication required to produce a NURI can is approximately triple  when compared to a typical supermarket product. Everything converges into a much more complex product of incomparable quality, becoming in some markets a true product of cult, symbol of the best moments of life and shared with the most special people.


From the purchase of the best fish, the selection of the freshest ingredients, the unique method of vapor cooking and the careful manual preparation process, it all flows into a handmade and intensive product, culminating in a very special moment in which each can is wrapped by hand, as the special gift it represents.


NURI consumers know that they belong to a narrow and exclusive group of lovers of genuine and unique products made from people to people.


Thank you for the preference!

Images: Philipp Lipiarski
Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil
Ingredients: 3-5 Sardines, 100% Refined Olive Oil, Cucumber, Piri-piri, Carrot, Laurel, Clove, BlackPepper
Sardines in Olive Oil
Ingredients: 3-5 Sardines, 100% Refined Olive Oil
Sardines in Spiced Tomato Sauce
Ingredients: 3-5 Sardines, Tomato Sauce (homemade secret recipe), Piri-piri
Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Ingredients: 3-5 Sardines, Tomato Sauce (homemade secret recipe)
Ingredients: 5x 125gr Nuri Sardines in a Premium Wooden Box

The "NURI" name

Throughout generations, the origin of the word Nuri has been associated with the description of "something truly beautiful," "bright as a light," "unique." While synonymous with the characteristics by which we evaluate the best sardine, it is possible to identify in the origin a sardine worthy of becoming a "NURI" by the shape of its body, the brilliance of the eyes, the singularity of its scales but above all ... because the we do with experience, respect and dedication since 1920.


  The NURI brand has a world cultural heritage of paramount importance due to its uniqueness, authenticity and transmission of value to the consumer (preserved since its origin).


As a cultural and exclusive tradition, the originality of each NURI can is transmitted from generation to generation as the sardine carefully conceived by the hands of an artist, but which - as a work of art - is intended to be appreciated by all, in special places and always in the right company.

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